We Do Custom Embroidery

Click on the above sample to view our photo gallery of embroideries we have done.

Dewald and Lengle bought John Hester's embroidery business in 2015. John was doing embroidery work for Dewald and Lengle and when he was ready to retire he trained Dewald and Lengle how to do embroideries. John spent about a year training Dewald and Lengle employees on his machines. Now Dewald and Lengle is able to do high quality embroidery work. They can easily do high quality large jobs with their high production embroidery machines. These high capacity embroidery machines allow for a fast turnaround to complete your jobs. Dewald and Lengle serves Schuylkill Haven, Pine Grove, and the greater Pottsville area. View the gallery to see past work. Click on shop now to start shopping for your next embroidery.

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